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About us

In 2018, sensitive to the transformation of the education landscape, Hassan HAM and Naima IDAROUI created Maketabae, one of the first Multilanguage Edtech start-ups. Their goal is to use the favorite tool of young people to reconcile them with school and allow them to study for free, anywhere, anytime.

Thanks to its expertise in the education sector, Maketabae quickly established itself as a leader in its market. Profitable and rapidly growing company, Maketabae offers a free application to allow middle school, high school and college students to succeed regardless of their educational and social level, in France in Francophone Africa. Currently, Maketabae supports the 1st community of young people in school: 1.5 million young people review in the application and testify every day in the stores of the help it has given them to succeed and regain confidence.

MAKETABAE in a few lines: